Take a Chance for Seniors

A Night Under the Stars
Annual Fundraiser 2021

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The dynamic nature of the ongoing Public Health Emergency has tested our families, participants, and staff in ways we cannot have imagined.

Given the continuously developing landscape of the Delta variant and state and local regulations, our staff is focused on managing adjustments while continuing to safely provide services, while preparing for a return to in-person services. Therefore, we are postponing our Take a Chance for Seniors celebration until we can reconnect in person with fewer obstacles. The overall health and safety of our community, participants, caregivers, and staff must remain our priority.

We are delighted to share that the City of Irvine again is sponsoring a $20,000 match in conjunction with our annual fundraiser. We need your support now more than ever to make the most of the City of Irvine’s match and carry on with our mission. Although our celebration is delayed, your financial support now is critical to ensure we can continue to provide our current programming and make strides towards reopening the center to full in-person congregate services. During these challenging times, your contribution in any amount makes a vital impact.

As a Center Without Walls, Irvine Adult Day Health Services has learned to be flexible and patient as circumstances change. We continue our commitment to keep our participants and caregivers supported and safe above all else. Thank you for your ongoing support as we plan to restore our full program. We look forward to celebrating together again!

Your Contribution is Needed Now More Than Ever to Make the Most of the

City of Irvine’s $20,000 Match

To help us meet our fundraising goal, we would be grateful for your commitment by October 2, 2021, our original event date.

Sponsorship commitments will be recognized in upcoming e-newsletters and on our online giving page. Future recognition will include the invitation, event digital presentation, event newsletters and event day signage at our rescheduled event. Sponsors will be contacted for reserved guest seating in advance of our new date.

Sponsorship Opportunities


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